You’ve written your story, maybe even done a number of rewrites, and now want to get it published. If you’ve already started sending your manuscript out to agents—or even directly to publishers—you’ve probably realized that getting your work into the hands of an editor is not an easy thing to do. It’s never been easy, but with today’s particularly competitive market and publishing houses downsizing their staff so that fewer editors remain to handle ever-growing workloads, getting your manuscript read (not to mention, published) has become increasingly difficult. In days past, editors were able to work with manuscripts that showed promise, helping the writer to improve his or her story so that it could eventually be signed for publication. Those days are essentially behind us now. At most houses, a manuscript has to be in near-excellent shape before being acquired, making it even more difficult to sell your book.

Or maybe you’re not interested in publishing with an established publishing house. The digital explosion has made it possible for writers to self publish their work. But with the ease of doing so comes the difficulty of how to stand out from the sheer volume of books being released. To get noticed, you need to make sure your story is in the best possible shape it can be.

That’s where the consulting editor comes in. A consulting editor works with you to improve your story before it goes out to the big wide publishing world, thereby greatly improving your chances of selling it…or placing it with a literary agent. The independent and experienced literary professional provides you with personal editorial guidance and advice to get your story into the best possible shape, making it more likely that your work will capture the ever-elusive publishing deal or sell in large quantities.

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