Publishing a book is not a simple—or easy—task. You pour your soul into each and every word, painstakingly revise, and then often face letters of rejection. A writer has to have thick skin, incredible drive, and lots of persistence. But there is a way to increase your odds of sharing your story with the world. The eyes of an experienced editor can go a long way in not only making your good story a great story but in improving your chances of capturing that elusive publishing deal.

Whether your book needs just a little guidance or a complete overhaul, I can help you to create a tighter, more marketable manuscript that is ready for submission to an agent or publishing house—or for publishing on your own. Please note that the fees below are simply a guideline…the fee for your particular manuscript will be determined by the length and complexity of the project, and will be agreed upon prior to my beginning work. There will never be a surprise.

Manuscript Evaluation/Critique

This service involves a quick read of your manuscript and a detailed letter pointing out your story’s marketability, strengths and weaknesses, and ideas for how to improve it.

Novel/Nonfiction: $500 & up

Picture book manuscript or dummy: $200 & up

Developmental Editing

The developmental edit includes a manuscript evaluation/critique and editorial letter detailing suggestions to clarify and tighten your story, strengthen plot and pacing, develop characters and motivations, and ensure consistency of viewpoint and narrative. For nonfiction work, this edit includes suggestions for organization, development of ideas/themes, progression, and consistency of style. Comments and suggestions are provided directly on the manuscript so that you can see exactly where (and how) elements may be improved. Margins are utilized to point out inconsistencies, repetitive elements, interrupted pacing, and to alert you to questions that may arise in a reader’s mind at particular places in the story.

Novel/Nonfiction: $1500 & up

Picture book manuscript or dummy: $600 & up

Comprehensive Editing

This includes all of the above, but is designed to encompass a project from its initial stage through various rounds of editing, and to its eventual final copyedit and proofreading prior to publication. This includes full editorial services beyond the initial developmental edit, including review/edit of your revisions. This comprehensive edit is designed for writers who intend to self publish and for publishers and packagers seeking a full-service editor to follow a book through completion.

Novel/Nonfiction: $5000 & up

Picture book: $2000 & up

Additional Services

Various other services, such as copyediting, proofreading, query letter review, and formatting for self publishing are available as well. Contact me for further information.


I am happy to provide an estimate on your editing needs. To do so, please email me ( your manuscript and tell me what services you’re looking for, and I will send you a personal quote for the project. Fees are based on the complexity of the editing services needed, the length of your manuscript, and how quickly you need it done.


Payment is divided into halves, with the first half of the payment due when the manuscript is originally sent to me for editing and the second half of the payment due when the job has been completed and returned to you. Once we agree to work on a project together, please send a check for the first half of your fee. You’ll be billed for the second half when the edited manuscript is returned to you.

Preparing Your Manuscript

Editorial work is done digitally using “track changes” in Microsoft Word. If you prefer the old-school method of paper hard copies, please let me know.

Turn-around Time

In most cases, a manuscript can be turned around in approximately one month. I will give you a clear estimate of the schedule at the time your manuscript and check is received. Rush schedules may be accommodated at an additional charge.


As a freelance editor, I can call on my 30-plus years of experience to guide you in shaping your story, developing character, solidifying motivation, and improving pacing–while at the same time looking at how your story will fit its intended market. I can assist you with cosmetics, as well, with basic line editing and cleaning up repetitive, over wordy, or unclear text. I cannot, however, promise you that the work we do together will land you a contract with a publisher or hit a best-seller list. That is completely out of my hands.

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